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9/12/2012 12:15 PM

I live in San Diego and recently bought a "Flopper's Willow Wreath" from the San Diego House Rabbit Society store for $5.  It was basically a branch of willow leaves dried up and formed into a wreath to use as a treat for rabbits.  However, I have a willow tree in front of my house and believe it would be easy to make it myself if I can get some basic instructions on how to do it and what willow trees are okay to use?!  Any advice is welcome!  Thanks!

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9/13/2012 12:17 PM
I know that willow and apple branches can be used fresh (according to the House Rabbit Society) and that a few other tree branches can be used as chew stick for rabbits, but they have to be dried for at least a month. I assume that one would just cut the branches and place them in a location where they would dry easily (not in a humid atmosphere), but I don't know if there are any specifics for this.

It's very possible that someone at the SD HRS would give you the instructions on making the wreath, especially if you patronize their store on a regular basis.

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9/13/2012 1:43 PM
not likely that you'll be able to dry out anything in san diego humidity...
here in phoenix i i could leave an apple outside and it would be a hard little golfball the next day

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9/14/2012 6:46 PM
If you're going to make something with it like a ball or a wreath make sure to do it before you dry out the branches!


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9/15/2012 4:55 AM
I would just be careful. If there are pesticides sprayed near the tree I would soak the branches in a Vinegar/Water bath to get them off the branches before drying them out.

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