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9/07/2012 11:26 AM

hey guys! just a random thought/question here. 

Yeti wont eat fruit.. and i see it as somewhat essential. everyone needs a little bit of sugar here and there right?

im wondering.. since i have a juicer and make my own juice... what if i were to give him a tiny bit of fresh juice on a saucer? no more than the recommended amount of fruit per day.

but could that be an option for something i could try? 


User is Offline Sarita
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9/07/2012 11:34 AM
Sugar is not a necessary nutrient for a rabbit - it really is a carb and that can be bad for their gut flora.

Fresh water is the best drink for rabbits so if you start offering something like fruit juice you may find your rabbit is only going to want to drink fruit juice.

So, I would say this is a no.

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9/07/2012 11:43 AM
Because of my rabbit's issues with GI Stasis, he never gets fruit. I see it as similar to giving a 2-year-old child chocolate. It definitely isn't necessary and there are foods that are better for them. I use carrots as treats, so that is an idea if you are looking for a treat idea (carrots have a lot of sugar in them, so they have to be limited).

User is Offline britt and yeti
Edmonton, AB
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9/07/2012 12:03 PM

so perhaps the sugar is what turns him off.. because he wont eat fruit and he wont even look at carrots. :/

welp! hes a healthy boy then!  

thanks guys


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9/07/2012 5:40 PM
I wouldn't worry too much if he's not eating fruit That just means more for you Plenty of different veggies will give him his vitamins and nutrients

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9/08/2012 9:18 PM
I don't think there's anything wrong with giving him a bit of juice as a treat every now and then if he's interested, but it's definitely not necessary either. Like Sarita said, too much fruit sugar can upset their gut bacteria balance. Occasionally when I make fruit smoothies I'll let Peppy lick some off my finger and she loves it .
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