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9/18/2006 5:49 AM

Just wondering what veggies can we feed bunnies and how much..

I havent been feeding milo a lot because i noticed that when i had given him more he had loads more of those poos that they eat just lying around so i thought i might have given him too much.

I have been feeding him a slice of cucumber a slice of carrot and some parsley in the mornings and he seemed to be fine then.

i just didnt know if they were like guinea pigs and needed to have their vitamin intake through veggies?

if someone could list what i can try him on and give me suggestions as to how to increase them and what signs to look out for would be great!! thankooooo

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9/18/2006 11:53 AM
Hi purplegem1985,

It sounds like from your other post that your bunny is still fairly young.

Bunnies can start to be introduced to veggies one at a time in small quantities starting at about 3 months - about 1/2 ounce of veggies per day.

At about seven months you'll start to slowly increase his veggies.  Once he's about a year - increase it to about 2 cups a day of fresh dark green veggies per 6 pounds of bunny. 

Dark green veggies tend to have the most nutrients.  Herbs like parsley, dill and basil are big hits around my house.  Carrots are a treat, so should be given sparingly.

Here's a list of good veggies for bunnies - you'll want to add them one at a time to see if your bunny has any adverse reactions to them.  Over time it's good to offer your bunny a variety each day. I find a lot of bunnies will turn up their nose at things the first time and then later love them - so you might try new things more than once.

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10/07/2006 3:27 PM
I was wondering.. for mint...Is it okay to feed them the stems too? or do I need to pluck off the mint leaves and give them the leaves only? I wasn't sure, so I've just been plucking off the leaves...

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10/07/2006 8:42 PM
It's smart of you to be cautious, cuz ya just never know...until you know.  Sooo, just so ya know.....the stems are absolutely fine to feed.  You don't have to pluck the leaves off.