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11/19/2011 2:10 PM

 Dear Rabbit Welfare,

I wanted to inform you that I had a rabbit boarding at my facility in Southampton go down with Myxomatosis.
The rabbit came from Lyndhurst near the New Forest and was an outdoor rabbit.
I took the rabbit to Pet Vet in Thornhill Southampton as I noticed a lump on his nose and he was diagnosed with myxi. 
The rabbit was vaccinated  (I only board vaccinated rabbits) and was given antibiotics to prevent any secondary infections. 
The rabbit was eating well and did'nt show any signs of being poorly apart from the lump on his nose. 
The owner and I have kept in touch and the rabbit is doing well apart from some loss of skin on his nose.
I had other rabbits boarding here including my own, but no other rabbit has come down with the virus. (again kept in touch with owners)
I made the decision to close for two weeks and have steam cleaned my Boarding facility from top to bottom with a cleaning solution reccomended by ministry of agriculture.  And took advise from my vet.
It does seem that the poor rabbit was probably infected before he came but obviously no one can be certain.
I am up and running now and I have had terrific support from my boarding owners who have said they have been reassured by my vigilence and honesty.  I have also been taking bookings from those owners!
The welfare of the rabbits in my care is my first priority and any losses I made disposing of equipment and boarders are erelevent.
I am up and running now and although confident in the fact that I have done all I can to protect my boarding bunnies it remains a worry for me.
I am so thankful that I insist on vaccinated rabbits as it could have been a lot worse.
Keep reminding people how important vaccination is and to check their bunnies for flea's.
My kindest Regards
Melanie (

BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Myxomatosis in Southampton, UK. Email received today