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9/08/2011 7:35 AM

One of our members has e mailed to advise that her local vet has seen  several cases of flystrike this week and has suggested that we send out a first alert.

The majority of experienced rabbit owners will already be very much aware of the dangers of flystrike, but new rabbit owners may not know of the condition, which is not only distressing for all concerned but is potentially fatal.

Prevention is better than cure…

Check your rabbits twice daily to ensure that they are clean and dry.

Do not overfeed your bunnies or give them unhealthy treats as this may lead to sticky bottoms.

Discuss with your veterinary practice any preventative measures available (spot on treatments etc).

Clean and disinfect homes regularly.

There are many repellent seeds and plants that can be grown to repel insects and flies.

Also be aware that the green bottle may lay her eggs at the base of the spine which is often covered by the tail, so make careful checks.  A member of our Facebook group reported yesterday that her vet had treated a rabbit with flystrike on the back of its neck.

Flies will strike any animal, healthy or otherwise.

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