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Please see below a message from one of our RWAF members -    No doubt the majority of our  members are aware of the dangers of flystrike during the summer months,  but each month new rabbit owners join the association and may not be aware of the importance of regularly checking their rabbits to ensure that they are clean.

I just wanted to impress the essential practise of checking your rabbits daily for fly strike  especially if the rabbit has been unwell . We have a five year old Netherland Dwarf who had been under the weather for a while , he had been to the vets and they could not find anything wrong , he would not eat or drink so we fed him and stimulated his appetite back , then suddenly we noticed within minutes , even though he was checked regularly and we had been washing his lower areas each day as he had been unwell , there were maggots -flystrike ! because he had been unwell , so off to the vets , they cleared him , and we brought him home . we caught it within minutes .

He is now much better , he is checked constantly as are they all as usual , and he is eating . The vet now thinks he had a tummy upset , and even though we were cleaning him , and helping him , this happened so very quickly .

So please please check your bunnies, we were very lucky , we did not think he would come back from the vets , you have to act there and then .It is called fly strike because they strike so very quickly

Remember this too