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Getting spam from BinkyBunny?  Not us!

Published on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting spam from BinkyBunny? Not us!

We've been spoofed!

BinkyBunny does not spam. So if you have come to our site to find out who is emailing you because you have received emails from some weird address with the @BinkyBunny domain, then most likely it's not from us. Someone is spoofing our domain name. (using a known domain name to send out mass emails to spam people). 

We don't randomly email businesses or individuals.  Most of the emails are to and from our members and customers.  If you are not a current member or customer, then most likely any random email you received was from a spoofer! 
Best to just ignore and delete while we look into the best way to deal with the situation.  Or if you have any questions about an email you received, you can email us directly by clicking on contact us.  (Do not send attachments or links), we will not open.
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