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A  Binky  Bunny  is  the  Happiest  Bunny  on  Earth!

Getting spam from BinkyBunny? Not us!

We've been spoofed!

BinkyBunny does not spam. So if you have come to our site to find out who is emailing you because you have received emails from some weird address with the @BinkyBunny domain, then most likely it's not from us. Someone is spoofing our domain name. (using a known domain name to send out mass emails to spam people). 

We don't randomly email businesses or individuals.  Most of the emails are to and from our members and customers.  If you are not a current member or customer, then most likely any random email you received was from a spoofer! 

Best to just ignore and delete while we look into the best way to deal with the situation.  Or if you have any questions about an email you received, you can email us directly by clicking on contact us.  (Do not send attachments or links), we will not open. 

What our Customers are saying.

Yuki from MA says about Cran-Rose Mix, "This is the number one all time favorite!!"  

Customer from Maine says about Full Foliage Wreaths: "This is an absolute favorite of all my buns. The leaves are devoured immediately and the wreath is enjoyed for days. They should sell these things by the case!"

                                                                                               See more customer reviews

New Blog Post about the BinkyBunny Site Update

Yes, we have a blog now!

The site is finally updated! (Though we'll be tweaking stuff for the next month). We thought the update would take a few days. What were we thinking!?  It took us six weeks instead! Though we are fully exhausted, it was well worth it. Check out our new blog for more information about what's included in the new update!

New Facebook Page Like & Twitter Follow

Please Like & Follow

We added a Facebook Like and a Twitter Follow Button (Located in the upper right corner of the homepage) so you can know what is going on at If you like BinkyBunny please give us a Thumbs Up or Follow Us on Twitter!   

BinkyBunny on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also "Like" and save money in our store!  While you are ordering, Click the "Like" icon for one your favorite products, and get an immediate discount on that item.

Please help keep BinkyBunny up and hoppin'!


What better way to support BinkyBunny efforts in providing education, entertainment, and a community, than to shop?. How fun is that?   We are conscientious about the products we carry and offer a variety of fun, safe and healthy products that you may not find anywhere else.  Though we wish we could offer free shipping like some of the big stores do, we are a small business and don't have the volume of sales needed for that sales technique.  Instead you’ll get excellent service, a great site, a warm community, and fantastic products. (and the more shoppers we get, we will be able offer shipping discounts in the future too, so it's a win, win -- a great way to support small businesses.)  Thank you & Binky on!   

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