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Last Post by BB at 2/17/2007 10:10 PM (3 Replies)
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User is Offline FuegaNetsah
Eagle Point OR
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2/17/2007 11:41 AM


      It is getting time to get a bigger living environment for the babies. I have seen some pictures here of these cube looking things, tied together at the corners. What are those? where to find them? do they work well?



User is Offline poopy
Orange County, CA
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2/17/2007 11:45 AM
See thread: www.binkybunny.com/FORUM/tabid/54/forumid/6/postid/4036/view/topic/Default.aspx

Do a search on "condos" or "NIC condo" there are some other threads on this forum with links to websites that show you how to make them.

You might also consider an X-pen. They are alot easier to clean than the condos and about the same price.

User is Offline Hedi
Dayton, OH
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2/17/2007 12:29 PM

Target carries them in their stores.

I have seen them on Walmarts website but when I went to buy them they didnt have them so i dont know if its something they normally sell in stores or not.


The boxes at Target were for "organize it" cubes same thing as the NIC cubes. But I noticed the Organize it boxes have more cubes for less $.

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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Area
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2/17/2007 10:10 PM

Here's a link the gallery that includes cube condos (still needs to be updated with more pictures) but once you are on that page, scroll down, and there will a bunch of resources for instructions and supplies. http://binkybunny.com/BUNNYINFO/Coo...fault.aspx


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