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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BEHAVIOR > What is your bunny saying to you via body language?
Last Post by RabbitPam at 3/17/2011 1:18 AM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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6/22/2006 8:04 AM

Bunnies use body language, voice and even poop to send you a message.   If my bunny, Rucy, doesn't like something her human or bunny friend is doing, she'll give a quick little ear flick and turn her back to us.

Jack binkies when he begins to feel active, and when he's about to get a treat, but he also does binkies when he's caught doing something naughty, and I try to chase him away.  I know in the wild, bunnies also do binkies to thwart off their suitor or aggressor.   So either it's his way of escaping my nudging him (or squirt bottle)  or he's just thrilled to be naughty, and he thinks it's playing. 

I also find it interesting that if I shake my head and/or my hands at my bunnies in a binkyish way, they'll many times start binkying too.   And Bailey will always come right over to me, even if she doesn't binky back.  My first bunny used to do that too.  I don't know if they think it's an invite to play or just curious, or ? ?

Do you know what your bunny is saying to you?  If so, tell us.  If not, explain a behavior and we'll try to help you figure it out.  

User is Offline Steph&Socrates
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3/15/2011 4:12 PM
Hey! So Socrates definitely seems to turn his back to me briefly if he is unhappy and of course I'll start paying more attention to him to get him to come back around which doesn't take much.

I am curious about his love for giving kisses. It started in April 2010 with a few licks one night than a few more a day or two later and now he'll lick my hand non-stop after and during petting. I was under the impression he was doing it to say thank you, grooming, or to convince me to keep petting him. Some of my friends joke that he must have a salt deficiency and is just licking me to get some : )

I am really glad he seems to be so happy and will roll over from time to time -any idea how to get him to roll over more often? He also doesn't seem to like me touching his belly when he has rolled over but its just so cute, any idea how to do that too?


User is Offline Huckleberry
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3/15/2011 5:51 PM
I have noticed that Huckleberry's bumps seem to mean different things. After a treat, she will find me and give me double bump. When I am in her way or she hasn't seen me in a while, its a single bump. After a long love session, I get two or three. It is pretty consistent (I spent a full night testing it). I think she is saying "Thanks." "Hey, what's up?" and "I love you Mom!"
Perhaps I am reading too much into it but maybe not.
She also binkies, wiggles her tail or shakes her head when I yell at her. She loves getting into trouble.
When I scratch a special part on her ears, she starts licking whatever is closest to her.

User is Offline Monkeybun
Hillsboro, Oregon
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3/15/2011 9:14 PM
Smudge thumps if she doesn't like something, from treats not being on time to Monkey getting humpy. She's a silly girl

Monkey growls when she doesn't liek what we are doing. It's cute hearing such a tiny growl coming from a little ball of fluff. Scawy bunbun!

Moose just hides if he doesn't like something most of the time. He'll run to the safety of his mini haven and wait lurking in the doorway until we leave or hte thing that scared him goes away. He's such a wuss.

User is Offline Zombie-Sue
Des Moines, IA
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3/15/2011 9:16 PM
Tank is a pretty quiet bun. When I pet him, he puts his head down or closes his eyes, which means he likes it, and... that's all.

User is Offline Kate Monster
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3/16/2011 2:41 AM
Kate and Spence are very quiet bunnies, I've never heard either of them make a single vocalization and they never thump. Even when I managed to start a small grease fire in the kitchen, not a single sound from either of them! Spencer speaks volumes through his foot flicks though. Sometimes it means, "I have a yummy treat and you can't have it neener neener neener!" Sometimes I think it's him being huffy that I didn't give him a treat when he wanted one or he doesn't like the noise coming from the TV. And sometimes he does it on his way to hide under the table or inside the cottontail cottage and it means "I'm leaving! Don't follow me! Hurumph." They both nibble my toes and knees to try and make me move. heh.

User is Offline SmokeyBunnyRobinson
Glassboro, NJ
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3/16/2011 5:12 PM
Whenever I put Smokey down from holding her, she always turns her back to me and kicks her feet back at me as if she's throwing a little tantrum. She does the same thing when she's doing something naughty and gets scolded or when she's put back into her condo. She's 3lbs of attitude alright.

If she's not done with her hay that I'm cleaning out of her cage, she lets me know by growling and lunging at me. I always laugh at her because she never bites me. It's as if she's a kid throwing a fit "HEY! I'M NOT DONE!"
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User is Offline LoveChaCha
Rabbit Warren
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3/16/2011 5:12 PM

Everybun is so different.

Chacha does not like to be petted, unless it is on her own accord. She likes when I pet her while she is on her Powerpuff girl blankie. Otherwise, she'll just hop away.

She has never been territorial until I made her a condo.

She enjoys bumping me and digging in my blanket. It is one of her favorite activies.

Chacha only likes her grandpa because he gives her treats. She won't even go near him but when he has the raisin bag, she'll run right up to him and beg for candies

She enjoys hopping into a single couch and glaring at me, until I pet her.

She is.. just so diva-demanding.


User is Offline SmokeyBunnyRobinson
Glassboro, NJ
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3/16/2011 5:34 PM
Smokey is the same as ChaCha! She doesn't really like to be pet unless SHE comes to YOU. And she also will jump up on the couch, but will jump right up in your face so you'll cuddle and pet her. And she loves her grandma because she gives her dried papaya! Smokey and ChaCha are like siblings!
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User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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3/17/2011 1:18 AM

Hi, everyone,

While it's a fun topic, I need to remind our members to please not dig up old posts. I have linked BinkyBunny's request here.

It makes it very difficult to keep the information current and the discussions relevant, with other problems that can arise. (For example, BB's beloved Rucy has died.) Anyway, if you want a similar thread, please just start a new one. Thanks.

SPIKE. My morning snuggle bunny. (Aka Spikey Marbles)
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