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Last Post by Hayzie25 at 11/04/2012 7:47 AM (2 Replies)
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User is Offline Hayzie25
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11/02/2012 11:33 PM
Hi! I have 2 nearly 6 month old rabbits. Both from the same litter. We were originally told they were both boys but ... Now a boy and a girl they were bonded so well, grooming and laying with each other. Obviously they had to be separated around 3 months as Ralph was starting to hump Rosie. They stayed in seperate cages with a wire partition for about a month with supervised play dates!! Due to lack of space we had to move them outside in their own hutches. We still kept up with the supervised dates but Ralph would not leave her alone so we had to shorten a lot of visits.
Ralph got neutered a couple of weeks ago so I decided it would be good to start the dates again. Started in the living room, seperate areas at first then opened it up. Had some nice cabbage around so they would be distracted for awhile. However Rosie is having none of it. Everytime Ralph even attempts to go near her she runs. Ralph isn't making any attempt to hump her anymore he just wants to go say hello. Rosie did hump him (she has always been the dominate one) I let this happen.. Just moved her off slightly so Ralph didn't get fed up. I've tried this a couple of times and it seems to be the same behavior from Rosie with no real inprovement.
I'm a little bit stuck on what to do next.. Some people say to get the doe spayed ASAP. Which we do intend to we were waiting for her to be a little older, plus two rabbits getting spayed/neutered in the same month is a lot of money. Help??

User is Offline Skipper's Mama
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11/04/2012 4:04 AM
I would suggest not doing any sort of bunny dates until a month after your little girl is spayed. Also, males have viable sperm about a month after their neuter so I would definitely keep them separate to prevent any uh-ohs. If you don't want to get your little girl spayed this month then wait till next month. Paying for spays can get expensive. If you are keen on getting it done this month maybe looking into CareCredit (which is basically a credit card for vet visits.) and that may help with costs. But I strongly urge you to not do anymore bunny dates until about a month of both being fixed.

I'm not sure if this is feasible. I saw that you said that they are kept outside. Is there any way that you can bring them inside? But I would keep them separate on opposite sides of the house until you're ready to bond them.

User is Offline Hayzie25
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11/04/2012 7:47 AM
There isn't anyway of bringing them in to live. They wouldn't have a lot of space. So your suggesting not trying to bond until Rosie is spayed? I was thinking that... She is a diva.. Hates being picked up. Hopefully it will calm her right down. I was just hoping to get them back together, obviously once the time period after neutering is over. It broke my heart to split them up.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Bonding after neutering

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