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Last Post by mocha200 at 9/06/2012 7:44 AM (9 Replies)
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User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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9/04/2012 5:01 PM

Does anybunny have a window seat for their bun? Lately Cinnabun has taken to sitting on a window sill in my living room, and while I know she likes it, it's a wee bit (ok, a lot) small for her bum. So I was thinking about a cat window seat but wanted to gage reactions from the BB'ers. Do you guys go with carpeted seats or something else? Since she's past her terrible teens years, she generally leaves carpet alone, except to sniff at it. On very rare occasions I'll see her do a quick dig, but it's over really fast when I snap my fingers. But still I worry about introducing her to new carpet which she will want to claim as her own. Do your bunnies get enjoyment out of this seat? Do you keep toys up there, or do they just like watching the outside world. I'm on the third floor so she has a pretty good view of the apartment complex. Any suggestions are welcome!


User is Offline RabbitPam
South Florida
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9/05/2012 3:54 AM
BB has made some nice window seats in her time, but she's been busy this past week so I don't think she got to this forum yet. I'm going to send an Alert and ask her to read your post to make some suggestions.
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User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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9/05/2012 4:27 PM

We made..(well Steve made) a great window seat. It is in the bunnyroom, so it's a bit bulkier than I would have for another room. 


Close-up of Viv - she hang out every single day from 8am-Noon in her window seat

Overview - This is an older photo when Jack was still alive.  You can see his cute little puffy tail peaking of out the tent. ohhh..cutie! Miss that guy!

User is Offline TBpony414
Washington, DC
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9/05/2012 4:52 PM
BB, that is a really cool window seat!

User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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9/05/2012 4:55 PM
Those are really impressive, BB. Man, I doubt I can build something like that! I was thinking far more simple in design. Like a shelf, with lots of fleece stapled (on the bottom of the shelf) for comfort and supports nailed to the wall.

User is Offline mocha200
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9/05/2012 5:25 PM

I made a window seat a few times out of NIC cubes and a dog kennel! I attached it to my condo with a ramp!

Here is the ramp!

I think I ended up taking off one NIC cubes off of the wall so it was only 1 grid tall so I could reach in and clean and pet them.


User is Offline Mimzy
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9/05/2012 5:49 PM
I've never made one, but I'm sure a window seat for a cat would be fine. Cats usually weigh a little more than bunnies too. If Cinnabun doesn't bother carpet, I think carpet would be great Maybe the tightly woven carpet so in case she tries to get it up it's more difficult. Maybe as for toys, maybe you could find a way to attach a toy to it so she can't knock it down and there will always be a toy up there.

And just an idea, maybe for even more fun, dangle a toy from the bottom of the window seat if at all possible? So she can play with it when she's on the floor.

My window is higher off the ground than most windows and it's rather hot by it so I don't think I want her there unfortunately the view of my backyard isn't that pretty anyway haha. She's not missing much!
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User is Offline CinnabunMom
in the TARDIS
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9/06/2012 4:40 AM
I was thinking about a cat window seat, but they are just a bit expensive. LIke between 30-50 bucks. So I figured I could make one instead. There are a few trees in front of Cinnabun's window of choice, so it won't be too hot. And it's starting to cool down (slowly...) so soon I can open the window and let her sniff outside through the screen. Constructing the perch will be fun, though...

User is Offline bullrider76543
Joplin MO
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9/06/2012 5:42 AM
@ BB do you still have the plans and dimensions for that window box? I would love to make one for mine!
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User is Offline mocha200
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9/06/2012 7:44 AM
BB: Me to! That would be awesome in my new rabbit room!
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