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Last Post by armynurse at 6/16/2011 2:14 PM (8 Replies)
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User is Offline armynurse
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6/14/2011 6:54 AM

My baby is horribly sick. We don't know what's wrong. I woke up sat morning to the sound of him struggling to get up. His right side was weak and he couldn't stand. So i rushed him to the ER vet. They're not sure what the issue was because he got up on his feet within an hour. He has noticable head tilt, loss of appetite, obviously exhausted. they're thinking it's either an inner ear infection or e. cuniculi. I took him back home and he does nothing but sleep. He doesn't act the same. The head tilt is better, but he veers to the left when he is hopping and sleeps with his back towards me and his head tucked at the back of the cage or his box. He's on anitbiotics and an antiparasitic, but I have this gut feeling he's gonna die. I've cried so much the last few days that I wake up with my eyes swollen. I don't know what to do. I've had him since I was 17 and he was 3 months old. He's 10 now. Long, happy, healthy life, but doesn't make this any easier. And none of my friends seem to understand how painful it is for me. He's my child and dealing with this alone is horrible. I have no family here and no friends who seem to care enough to come over to be by my side. I really need all the support I can get at this time.  Please, someone who's dealt with this before-who's lost their bun that's been with them for so many years. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Ollie is the white and brown lop in my profile picture. That's my baby

User is Offline Sarita
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6/14/2011 7:46 AM
Hugs to you and vibes to Oliver.

I'm sorry you feel so hopeless about his situation. I've had to deal with this quite a bit over the last 3 years and with my elderly rabbits who were ill, I always felt the same way you do...but I always had the support of my vet to tell me the truth about their prognosis and quality of life - I've had to put to sleep quite a few of them so my vet's support, was monumental. I would suggest you have an honest talk with your vet about your feelings - vet's deal with this all the time and since your vet knows the specifics of your rabbit's illness, they should be honest about your Oliver's quality of life and on-going prognosis.

User is Offline CharliesMommy
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6/14/2011 11:14 AM
Armynurse, I will pray for your dear Ollie. My bunny passed away on June 3rd he was sick with diarrhea. I have been crying everyday since he passed. I can imagine what you are going through. I had a necklace made with my bunny's DNA inside of it. A company called Perpetua Life Jewels makes them. You should ask you vet so you can have one made. I do not work for them so I am not endorsing them. I should be getting mines next Monday & i feel this way i will have a piece of my bunny forever. it's very nice to hear that you gave your bunny a long & happy life. I only had my bunny Charlie for 3 years but he was like my baby & I will never forget him.

User is Offline jerseygirl
Forum Leader
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6/14/2011 3:07 PM

We are definately here for you! So many members here feel the same way about their bunnies as you do about Oliver and Meg.
Sending you hugs and many, many {{{{{{Vibes}}}}}} for Oliver!  Keep us updated.

Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

User is Offline lashkay
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6/14/2011 3:17 PM
Sending GOOD HEALTH VIBES to Oliver. Wishing you the best for his recovery.

User is Offline LittlePuffyTail
New Brunswick, Canada
Forum Leader
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6/15/2011 1:38 AM
Most of us here love our bunnies like children so we understand how hard this is. We will help you deal with this struggle. **Hugs**

Don't give up on Oliver, though. Some rabbits can pull through even the worse illnesses.

(((((Get Well Oliver)))))))
Proud to be a Bunny Hugger and a voice for the voiceless

User is Offline armynurse
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6/15/2011 1:34 PM
thanks guys. I'm taking him back to the vet tomorrow since he's still not eating much. he seems to be moving around better though. we'll see what they say tomorrow. I'm not willing to give up on him yet.

User is Offline Dee
Upton, MA
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6/16/2011 1:39 PM
I feel so badly for what you are going through. This is the worst part about loving our animals so much- it's horribly painful and scary when they get sick. I pray that Oliver is doing better- I know the fact that he is 10 doesn't make it any easier. I think it makes it harder in a way- you've had so long to bond with him. Our logical minds know that this is life and illness happens, but our hearts can't get past it . At least here you know that you are among many people who loves their bunnies like children and have been through losing them, although I do hope that it's not Ollie's time.

User is Offline armynurse
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6/16/2011 2:14 PM
thank you all for all the support and kind words. I have good news. I took him back to the vet today. vet seems to think it's some kind of gastrointestinal bug that manifested itself through neurological symptoms. His head tilt is gone, his balance is better (though not back to normal yet) and his demeanor is sooooo much better. He's started cleaning again (he's such an OCD bunny when it comes to cleanliness! haha) and when i got home from the store today, he was out in his usual spot eating!! Can't believe it. How did we go from knocking on death's door to this in less than a week? I am so grateful. I know we're not completely out of the woods yet, but I'm just relieved to see some improvement. Just to know he's eating some makes me feel better. Vet said he's the healthiest 10 year old rabbit he's ever seen, so he thinks he'll pull through this. (although, of course, this has kinda made me start to accept that his time might be soon.) I'm just happy to have him back for a little bit longer. Once again, thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Ollie and I appreciate it
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