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Last Post by vanessa at 5/20/2016 8:17 PM (86 Replies)
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User is Offline emm_renn
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4/17/2015 12:34 PM
You all are so lucky you have well behaved bunnies. That or you all are very good at bunny proofing

User is Offline buns_honey_buns
Nova Scotia
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4/20/2015 4:54 PM
I wanna say it's a bit of both.

User is Offline Annes Animals
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4/26/2015 10:58 AM
Well, kinda. It is the laundry/ hamster/ bunny room!

User is Offline colleenbunny
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4/27/2015 8:12 AM
Yes and no. Pepper has his own room for when we aren't home. When someone is available to watch Pepper he has free roam of the house
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User is Offline CrazyButIKnowIt
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5/29/2015 2:23 AM
When I'm at uni my two live with me in my bedroom in their 3 storey cage and are free roaming in my room and on the landing when I am there. Moving for next year so hopefully will have a bigger room or they will be in the living room as my house mate is getting 2 guinea pigs over summer (I hope they get on and we can let them out together). When I am at my parents we have an old wendy house that was repurposed as a dog kennel so has a run on it with a flap, the dog doesn't like it so my girls have taken it over! they love it. The more adventurous of the two can run around outside and the quiter can sit inside on her ledge and watch the world through the window...

User is Offline Kash
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7/29/2015 9:52 AM
My rabbit has a room, and I do not. xD

When I got Pascal I swore that he would only be allowed to roam while supervised, that has since changed and now he rules the roost! But he stays in his cage at night, mainly because if I don't he will jump on my bed and demand attention!

Basil just got neutered a couple weeks ago so he hasn't moved into my room yet since he and Pascal aren't bonded. He does get to run around our living room with CLOSE supervision since he isn't afraid of hardwood and goes anywhere and everywhere you don't want him to!

Soon I will be rooming with two boy buns instead of just one, hopefully Basil has good litterbox habits like Pascal >.<

User is Offline Speckle The Bun
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8/05/2015 4:25 PM
My rabbit went from living in a small outdoor cage to a 10x12 room all to herself and she took very well to her litterbox! So yes she has a bunny room!

User is Offline pepperbunnymomma
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8/06/2015 8:58 PM
My rabbit took over a closet that she stays in when we arent home its bunny proofed and bigger than a cage, she has a baby gate as the door so we dont actually use the closet wooden door

User is Offline vanessa
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8/16/2015 8:30 AM
I took a spare bedroom, and divided it in half with an x-pen. For the floor, half is 10ml plastic, covered with puppy pee pads, then vetrinary fleece bedding. On Guin's half, the area next the the fence is towl instead of fleece, because she seemed to want to pee on the fleece at the fence. So now that it is towel, she only pees in her litter box. The other half of each side, is plain carpet. I recently removed the x-pens, and brought in NIC cubes. I made a NIC separating fence, and a 2-story hideout. On Lancelot's side, his hideout has fleece bedding on the second level, while Guins has towel and a soft dog mat. She tends to like to pee on the fleece when it is at a perimiter. But she doesn't pee on the fleece in the middle of her space. They each have a large box with holes cut in so they can hop in and out, and shred the cardboard. I use brown paper packaging inside the boxes for something they can dig and tear at. I give Guin 2 of everything, coz the cat likes to use her accommodation. They have 8inch corrugated pipe to crawl thru, Guin has a cat cube to hide in, and Lancelot's double story is slightly larger than Guins, with a 3rd level for hay storage. Lancelot has a cat bed in the closet. I give them maple branches to chew on, corn stalks, lava rocks, and apple sticks. Lancelot only chews on the softer cardboard. Probably due to his prior teeth pain.Once they are bonded, I'll remove the dividing fence, leave the two separate double-story structures, and let them out in the rest of the house while the dogs are put away.
Their litter boxes are those large concrete mixing tubs. I think they are 7 gallon volume. Anything smaller than that, and Guin will use the floor space next to it. Looking at her size, the vet was surprised she only weighs 7lbs. She is physically quite large. Everyone expects her to weigh 10lbs.

User is Offline vanessa
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8/16/2015 10:05 AM
I was worried about how they would behave in the house, coz while Guin was outside, she and her pal chewed on every thing imaginable. They had munched power chords, garden hoses, you name it. Indoors, they do better. I still give them maple branches to chew, lots of hay, cardboard, and other petstore-rabbit chew toys, and they have left the molding and carpet alone. And the furniture. Well I first sprayed bitter apple on all the 90-degree angles of wood furniture, and put away the electrical chords. They have really been super good.

User is Offline BunsAndDolls
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8/20/2015 8:57 AM
Both of mine just stay in the living room...Toby is out all the time. He's not a big chewer (not on furniture and other things), and he doesn't venture off of his rug much, so he's totally free-range. He's got a corner of the living room to keep all of his toys and his bed and such and he hangs out there, or on the couch. KitKat has the opposite corner, but she has to be in her pen when we are gone. She's new to the house and she's much more curious than Toby is, so I'm pretty sure she'd eat everything if we weren't paying attention. Her pen gets opened up every afternoon as soon as we get home though, and she's free-roam all night until she has a good 5-6 hours out every day with more on weekends.

I love having them hang out in the living room with us all the time <3
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User is Offline Cookie'sOwner
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11/08/2015 7:39 PM
Sort of. I let Cookie free-range in my room with supervision.

User is Offline Cookie'sOwner
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11/08/2015 7:39 PM
Sort of. I let Cookie free-range in my room with supervision.

User is Offline MK
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11/09/2015 9:43 AM
Coco has an x-pen in my room, and has free run of the whole room when I'm at home. He has amazing littler habits, so it works out fine, but he also destryed my fan cord one day when he got past the bunny-proofing It's much better now! He's a silly bun thought, he will NOT leave the rug or his blanket and walk on the wood floor, unless he's going under the bed.
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User is Offline vanessa
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11/09/2015 3:39 PM
@MK - Silly Coco indeed. Just like my Guin. Once she realised the floor outside her room is wood, she refused to step out of the room.

User is Offline MK
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11/10/2015 8:30 AM
@vanessa isn't it funny what habits buns have!
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User is Offline BunnyMama
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11/14/2015 9:09 AM
My bun (Lissie) only poops in her cage, so she is allowed free run of the entire house from sun up to sun down! Sometimes we let her out at night too, when she's too fast to be caught (she hates going to bed!). I'm hoping to give her a bigger cage just because her's is your average pet store cage. She never spends time in it though during the day. And as to bunny proofing... well, she chews the baseboards, the leather couch, the antique coffee table, the computer cables, everything. I'm shocked my parents haven't killed her yet (just kidding, my father adores her!)

User is Offline Sgt.Pepper and Jojo
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11/18/2015 2:15 PM

This is really funny, because when I first got my buns and joined this forum, I thought "Wow that would be nice, but is never going to happen!" Now, in our new apartment it kind of has! We have a 2 bedroom, but there is an "extra" room in between the living room and second bedroom, where Pep and Jojo have two x-pens put together. We're developing a plan for how to bunny-proof the whole room for them, though. In our lease they have to stay penned, so we're thinking of laying down 2x4s along the baseboards, then using x-pens to go all around the room (so they are still technically penned, and can't get at the woodwork to chew it). 

User is Offline vanessa
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11/18/2015 8:36 PM
That sounds like a great idea! I like having the buns in the spare room. Ideally I'll bond the quartet and remove the dividing fence.

User is Offline neumkat
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4/08/2016 10:54 AM

my bun and i share my room- whats hers is hers and whats mine is hers lololol 

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