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Last Post by KatnipCrzy at 10/09/2009 7:06 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline SassyGirl
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10/08/2009 1:44 PM

It's been so long since I've been on here, life got in the way lol. Let me update you all....

 Well I'm a junior now (YAY!) so thats been tons of fun. Still in theater ( I have auditions next Thursday). I take the psat next Wensday. I got braces, YAY! Not haha. I only have them in on the front, I go back in four weeks and get the rest put on. They also have to pull a couple of teeth in the back since my mouth is SO small. Ummmn I got really sick a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't allowed to go to school for two weeks. They had to send my work home. I still did good this six weeks though, Thank God. I'm feeling a lot better now, I lost a lot of weight though. Ugh

  Anyway enough about the human, I know everybody wants to here about Flopsy. His doing great, his getting huge! I don't think his full mini rex becouse his a lot bigger than they should be. Oh well, I don't care what breed he is, his still my baby. It seems like he gets more playful every day. Flopsy gets into everything lol. He tore a couple of pages out of my history textbook. The school was not happy at all, but my friends thought it was funny.

   Anyway how is everybody? Anybody get any new foster bunnies/bunnies of there own? If I rember right, somebody was getting an English lop baby. How our Lola's babies doing?

If only life was like a Fairy Tale then everyone would get there happy endings.

User is Online jerseygirl
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10/08/2009 4:48 PM

Welcome back! Gosh, it does sound like you got quite ill. Good thing you're over it now. Bet Flopsy liked having you home off school though.

Do you know, Lola & Pennys babies are at adoptable age. I think Amanda is keeping one boy but there's a very cute boy & girl needing homes. So Texas aint to far from NC right? lol

There has also been 2 other accidental litters and as a result we have been dying from the cuteness of baby pictures. Kafrn in Australia has 5 lil ones and Giuly brought home a pregnant rabbit, so now has a handful of little ones. (Also up for adoption soon - Florida aint too far from Texas right..???? ;o) ) Also, some shared about wild litters they had found = more baby pics.

Lot's of new members and bunnies (check out the Welcome Forum). KatnipCrzy got an EL Griffin. She's posted lots of pics in the Lounge of him if you want to check them out. Most recent is BunnyLiz adopting the sister of Rose, they REW she lost earlier this year.

So that ought to catch you up a little....

Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

User is Offline SassyGirl
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10/09/2009 1:46 PM

Hehe don't tempt me. Or I just might find an exuse to go to Florida or NC. Yes! More baby bun pics. Those always make me squeal out loud lol. I'm of to go look.


If only life was like a Fairy Tale then everyone would get there happy endings.

User is Offline Sarita
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10/09/2009 1:51 PM
Good to hear from you. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Glad Flopsy is doing well too. I have a standard rex and in my opinion, there more to love and more of that absolutely soft velvety fur to pet.

User is Offline KatnipCrzy
Holland, MI
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10/09/2009 7:06 PM

I got an English Lop, a blue tort male that I named Griffin- he is already bigger than my Mini Lops and he is 3 1/2 months old!  Here is a thread with pics of all the bunnies- but Griffin has some pics posted there too.

Another big change around here is that BinkyBunny adopted another bunny- Vivian to be a companion to Jack and they seem to have a relationship that works well for them.  I love seeing them both on the webcams!

Cotton and Schroeder- Mini Lops Griffin- English Lop
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