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Harvest Home has a number of adorable, adoptable bunnies right now, and today been asked to help with six rabbits!!  Can you help Harvest Home by fostering a bunny single or pair??

Growing baby boy pair & Growing baby girl pair
This photo was taken a few weeks ago when the babies were much smaller!  Now, at 3 months, these two pairs are weaned and ready to be on their own!  Each pair is still growing, and will get just a bit bigger.  They have been socialized and handled almost every day since they were born, so they are wonderfully friendly bunnies!

A lovely agouti girl, she was rescued from being raised for meat with many other rabbits who came into the Oakland Animal Shelter.  She is a very sweet and friendly girl.  Due to malnutrition from being fed a diet of white rice, she has front paws that point out to the side like seal flippers.  It doesn't affect her ability to hop around like a normal bunny, she just has extra cute front paws!  She is now healthy and happy and ready to have a foster home!

Tahini is a sassy, happy gal. She was found as a stray in San Francisco in September 2009. She is always on alert and is enthusiastic about fresh greens! She's inquisitive, curious, and friendly, especially when you're down on her level!  Tahini doesn't like being held, and will give you a quick pinch with her teeth to ask to be let down - but she is a really wonderful girl who loves to interact on the ground.

If you're interested in fostering, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary provides all the setup supplies - exercise pen, linoleum for over your carpet, litterbox, water bowl, food bowl, bag of hay & pellets.  You provide the love, play time outside of the pen, and daily salads. 

Bunnies are showcased at adoption events are once or twice a month on Saturdays - you can drop your bunny off, or come for the day!
Please email me ( if you're interested in fostering!

BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > RESCUE EFFORTS FOR SHELTERS > Can you foster a bunny for Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary (SF Bay Area)?