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10/31/2012 8:44 AM

So I entered in a video contest on youtube awhile ago. The topic was showing your small eating their favorite treat! About an hour after I filmed the video my Mom asks me "Where are the raisins?" No one else likes raisins except for her so she figured I gave some to the bunnies! I gave the container to her and asked "You didn't double dip did you? Like let the bunnies lick your fingers and put your hand back in?". HAHA! I just smiled and said "You don't want to know!" The next day I showed her what I did! Here is the video!

After I showed her she was HORRIFIED! LOL! She couldn't believe she ate the same rabbits that the rabbits ate out of! I didn't think it was weird at all! I let my bunnies eat off of my fruit all the time! Then just today I showed my Grandma. She thought it was funny and told me to show my Grandpa! He had the same reaction as my mom. He couldn't imagine that I would let them do that! LOL! We all had a good laugh about it. I thought I would share this with you guys! I was wondering if you guys let your rabbits eat off of the fruit and veggies your eating? Or am I actually that weird?


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10/31/2012 9:24 AM
Haha thats a hilarious video!!

I've never let my bunnies just take a bite out of something I'm eating, I'll usually just bite off a piece for them, but I don't think it's gross. It's probably just habit though from having dogs and cats, I wouldn't want their oral bacteria in my food. Although I have eaten pieces of the rabbits dried fruit from the container and I know for sure they have stuck their heads in to grab some before and that doesn't bother me either. I catch my roomate sitting in the rabbit room all the time, giving them treats and eating some for herself too, haha

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10/31/2012 9:36 AM
Malp_5: We have 4 cats and I have eaten stuff they have ate off of too! But I do think that is a little gross. My Dad likes to go into the rabbit treats and eat the dried papaya! Haha!

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10/31/2012 9:59 AM
I eat things Ruby has nibbled on and people around me are shocked about it every time too. I'll even pick up her poos and throw them out and continue eating finger food (never the cecals, but still, it freaks people out)

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10/31/2012 10:08 AM
Smudge gets cranky if I eat a pineapple popsicle without letting her have a nibble

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10/31/2012 1:27 PM
Imais: haha I have done the same thing with bunny poop! Hahahahaha

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10/31/2012 1:28 PM
Haha, mocha200, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

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10/31/2012 4:28 PM
Hahaha! Glad I'm not the only one. I try my best to remember to wash my hands after picking up bunny poo but I do honestly forget sometimes. And (I know this really bad) but I get bad eczema so I'll let the poo gather up for a bit before picking it up. Or else I would be forever washing my hands (Skips is still territory marking). I have to admit I share the dehydrated strawberries with her. =p But I'll take a bite first and then she'll yank what's left out of my hand because she's just that insistent on having the whole thing to herself.

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10/31/2012 5:20 PM
Cute Video! I saw the other day you have a website too, impressive! Maybe we should do some cross-advertising even though are products are related. haha jk

And I still use a tissue. I'll flick them if i'm in a hurry or kick them but for picking them up... well i'm not there... yet. lol

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11/01/2012 1:52 AM
It actually never bothered me to pick them up... I never did think I would get to the point of throwing poop into a pile and eating popcorn and seeing no issue. I never even thought it was all that strange until I did it in front of someone and they were like "um..did that just happen?". Haha oops!

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11/01/2012 3:29 AM
FrankieFlash: I used to sell stuff on my website but I know longer do. I desperately need to update my website and take that down! Lol! My sister said she is going to help me set up a new website that isn't a blog but an actual website. I know NOTHING about HTML so I am going to leave it to her! :p

Imais: "um..did that just happen?" LOL!

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11/01/2012 3:31 AM
Sooooo cute! Good luck with BudgetBunny's contest. She always has such cool prizes.

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11/01/2012 5:04 AM
CinnabunMom: Thanks! Btw, Are you a Doctor Who fan? I LOVE Doctor Who!

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11/01/2012 12:24 PM
My hubby's older daughter was over here and the buns were out and of course it was a poop

I have always just picked up the poos and tossed them in the trash and they were both saying ew.. To me it isn't really poop. I mean not like dog poop.

I usually bite off some banana or something for bud...If I offered him a bite...i wouldn't have a snack left. lol

Oh and I'm certain I have picked up poos and then ate something....just forgetful. Something I've been trying to work on.

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11/01/2012 12:32 PM
Hahaha cute video!

I've become a bit of a germ-aphobe so I don't usually share my foods directly with my bunnies. I tend to just break off a piece of whatever I am eating and share it that way. Though I have munched on some of the dried strawberry directly from the treat bag she regularly tries to shove her face into...

As for poop, I used to be ok when I had my first bunny but later I always made sure to use a kleenex to pick up stray poops. I don't find bunny poop gross per se, I just have this thing about getting my hands dirty (comes with spending so much time working in laboratories I guess lol...)

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11/01/2012 12:33 PM
That is such a cute video!! Your bunnies are bigger than I thought they would be and they sure look like they haven't missed a meal... haha. I always share my food with my animals, my boyfriend thinks it's totally nasty but I don't. I wash my hands a lot but if I'm eating a snack and somebunny wants a bite, well, I can't resist!

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11/01/2012 3:40 PM
haha!I knew you guys would understand me! lol

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11/01/2012 4:03 PM
Lol I think BB is the only place in the world where this can be understood!!

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11/04/2012 8:20 AM
My bun has stole things from me before and I continue to eat them. I also pick up the bunny poops and continue to eat.... It's not like it's going to hurt you. They are vegetarians.

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11/04/2012 10:14 AM
Cute video, Mocha. I hope you win.

I always pick up and toss poos by hand, but I do wash my hands afterward. I don't share food with Sammy because she's down there and I'm up here with my food, so she can't reach it. However, She now knows that the top tip and the bottom tip of a nanner gets broken off because they are HERS. She gets handed raisins (usually 3). I just leave one small box of raisins on the counter next to her other treats, and the other small boxes are in the pantry for humans. I can understand your mother being grossed out, but I also see the humor. It's probably worse to give them unwashed food than to share clean food they've touched.
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11/05/2012 3:20 AM
Thanks RP!

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11/06/2012 1:24 AM
That's so cute!! I love when Lulu gets the cover off and then Mocha comes over!!! I love your buns!

And for the record, I let my buns take bites of my apple and then I eat it. Doesn't bother me at all.
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