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9/16/2012 4:29 PM

I ended up going to bunnyfest today!  It was pretty nice.  I came home with a couple things!  No, no new bunny though my mom wanted one!  haha I got to see a flemish giant in person for the first time which was sooo cool!  I love those big buns!  =)  The vendors and rescues there were all amazing.  Saw the person that is a part of the rescue I adopted my bunnies from.  I see her a lot though it seems lol. Always going to pick up hay, food or something haha  It's cool that I am in contact with the rescue though. I love it!  Once I have my license (which hopefully will be soon!!!) I am going to try and volunteer with them.  Here are some of the things I bought from bunnyfest!  


My awesome hay box that I got for $20.  Every where online I saw was $40+ so I was happy when I saw this!!  

Car Magnet

food dish that I attached to the x-pen so the don't toss their bowl any more!  Valentine LOVES to move her food dish.  Especially when I am trying to sleep lol  So noisy.  =P

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9/16/2012 5:27 PM
COOL BEANS!!! Flemmies are so awesome I love mine LOL
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9/18/2012 7:53 PM
I love that hay box! I saw it on your tumblr haha. What is bunfest btw? I've been hearing about it and definitely would want to plan to go sometime. Would have to be next year or year after though =/
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9/19/2012 8:10 AM
Well, the bunnyfest down here is hosted by the San Diego House Rabbit Society, I believe. It has activites and crafts for the little ones. You can bring your buns. They have different vendors you can buy stuff from. Information on bunnies. I think you could adopt or talk to them about adopting a bunny too! The rescue I adopted my bunnies from had a foster there and my mom really loved her but we can't have anymore bunnies right now. It's a great event, I loved it. =) Oh and they had vets there that you could talk to and get to know and see if you'd want them to be your vet. Really neat event.

Oh and I love the hay box too!! Surprisingly my bunnies seem to be eating a ton of hay from it! They really like it better than what I was using before! So glad I got it. =)
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