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9/14/2012 7:29 AM
There's a locked thread in Behaviour sub forum but it doesnt show locked icon. Just wondering if it was locked mistakenly? (There is another old thread locked there showing icon).
Usually more explanation is given if a thread is locked. I'm a little concerned because the OP was genuinely seeking advice.

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9/15/2012 5:05 AM
We had several older posts replied to by new members last week, so more than one got locked. I know an FL recommended to the member that they post a new thread if they still had their question unanswered. It's just that we really have a problem with reviving old threads. Some went back to 2010, and if a member has since lost their bunny it can be very upsetting.

Jers, if you think it was mistakenly locked, would you find it again and send us an Alert so we can check it out or maybe contact the member that posted onto it? Please say your name in the alert and mention that it's in reference to this post, so we know it's you. Or just post the link to it here and send an Alert from this thread. I don't know which thread you are referring to otherwise. Thanks.

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9/15/2012 6:09 AM
Thanks Pam. I've actually sent you a pm now, rather then Alert. It's not an old thread.