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Last Post by LBJ10 at 10/20/2012 5:57 PM (4 Replies)
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10/19/2012 10:45 AM

Flynn has taken excellently to the litter box.  Better than I could've imagined.  I've only seen pee in one place other than the box (on his bed), but otherwise his pen has been clean.  Pooping, though, well.... 

He poops in the box quite well.  But he seems to only use one corner of it.  And when the corner gets full, he will start pooping on the floor of the pen.  I'm currently using a large cat litter box, paper pellet litter, with hay on top for him to eat.  There is a screen and a hay box waiting for me at the post office right now to try out. 

I'm hoping that by putting the hay box next to his litter box he will have more room to go in the box (he won't go where there is hay), and that maybe the screen will make it easier to clean out the poop that is in the box. 

Any thoughts on why he is going on the floor of the pen?  And also, will the screen "work" without hay on top of it?

Thanks for answering ANOTHER litter problem!

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10/19/2012 2:27 PM
I think if he's pooping in one corner then you should just change it more often (maybe you less litter and change more often).

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10/19/2012 4:24 PM
I think what Sarita said would work best Sounds like you are making good progress!
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10/20/2012 3:02 AM
You can either try scooping out the soiled litter in that corner and pushing more clean litter in that space, or a quick fix would be to rotate the box 180 degrees, so the soiled corner is then the opposite corner and he has a new, clean corner until the next litter box clean.
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10/20/2012 5:57 PM
Sounds like some cats. Haha! I like the suggestions of just scooping out that corner or rotating the box. Do you have a scoop you could use?

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