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9/20/2012 11:08 PM

Beefa is, I think, 6 months old, we've had him 4 months and he is neutered. Since his little procedure he has been a perfect gentleman and we haven't had any territorial marking BUT he still likes to use the kitchen as his bathroom. He uses his litter tray in the laundry room perfectly when he's in there (he sleeps in there - on top of his open cage lol - and stays in there when we're out) but when he is let out to wander about (whenever we're home) he either goes to his litter box or one particular corner of the kitchen floor. We've put a box in the kitchen with a little litter and hay in it and he uses it consistently with no messes on the floor but we really don't want to have a litter box in our kitchen permanently. We can't lock him out of the kitchen as the lower level of our house is open plan so there is no door to close. How can we convince him to use the box in his "bedroom" so we can get rid of the kitchen one?

 Thanks for any ideas you can share.

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9/21/2012 5:21 AM
why don't you just put up the litter box when he's not running around?


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9/27/2012 2:20 AM
Because he always is the only "room" we can restrict him to is the laundry. He is in there when we're not home but when we're here we let him out beans he likes to run about and interact with us. I think realistically the only answer is perseverance but I was hoping someone would have a few ideas. Nevermind.

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9/27/2012 2:26 AM
hmmm....maybe you could try gradually moving the litter tray farther and farther, like a few inches every couple of days and see if he still uses it? Then you can eventually move it right out of the kitchen. Not sure how this will work, but it's what I would do.
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