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Apparently, Nova has to be with me at night, or she goes into her "super-nova destructive mode" and keeps everyone awake. My original plan when I came home was to just keep her in her large, home made cage at my parents house. Well now she can only sleep there if I am there, and I am hardly ever there (I would go back during the day to feed her, of course, but I spend my nights elsewhere). My problem is, what do I keep her packed in for 3-4 day weekends? I won't have too many of these, but at least another 2-3 and spring break for just this semester! I was thinking just a largeish crate because it needs to be easy to move as I go between 3 different houses when I am home. Leaving her at school isn't really an option, though it might be next school year, hence why I am only looking at short term for now. She is completely silent at night as long as she can see me and I never get woken up even though I am a light sleeper. I originally had her in a smaller crate for just the 3 hour trip between campus and home, and she doesn't seem to mind that, so I am thinking that a slightly bigger version of that will be perfect, but I am open to any other suggestions!

Just fyi: she always has hay and water in the crate, unless it is in the car, then she has wet greens in place of the water.

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