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10/14/2012 12:51 PM
 I hate buying a tiny bag of hay that "might" last a week for $6. So im buying a bale for $7 but what kind do I get/can they have? Im not sure what kinds our feed store carries

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10/14/2012 2:17 PM
Most feed carry timothy I believe. Just a note, I bought a bale from the feed store and it was buggy, dusty and the bunnies hated it, so it was a waste.

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10/15/2012 6:39 AM
You can buy "mini bale" hay from the BB store. It's half the size, but lasts...and lasts...and lasts for months. They come in about 4-6 kinds that are very carefully packed for BB so have no dirt or bugs, unlike a horse feed store. I love them because they are small enough to store in the house, but expand after you cut the strings and continue to use. Timothy is the standard to get until you know your bunny prefers something else. (Mine loved Oat, which is tougher. Some bunnies prefer Orchard Grass, which is much softer.)
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10/16/2012 4:56 AM
Regarding the bales-really anything. Most bales are mixed where I come from and have little to no alfalfa content. You want them to be 'baled with no rain' and horse quality (cow quality is not good enough) and that's it!

I buy mine from local farms that I find on Kijiji. I just bought 6 bales (about 700lbs of hay) for 24$.

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10/16/2012 7:18 AM
Any horse quality hay with little to no alfalfa is good.

I buy a 50lb box for $60. It's expensive, but cheap compared to the little bags and lasts at least 6 months with two buns (and they waste a ton of their hay - pulling it out of hay racks and peeing on it)
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