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8/29/2012 2:00 PM

There was a post like last week I think talking about using the cement tubes and putting sand paper in the the buns can run though them....Well I just talked to a friend of the family who works in construction and he said that most of the stuff they use is recycled and because its going in the ground they don't worry about what goes in it....He said that he wouldn't use it around any person or animal who would likely chew on it....

He said that they have plastic tubes and that would be safer to use. ...

So I would just be very careful with the tubes...

Good luck, guys.

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8/29/2012 3:05 PM
interesting...recycled doesn't necessarily mean bad, but your friend is right, if it's not meant for consumption or frequent use by people we can't be certain what's in it.

I wonder if some members would want to contact the manufacturer for a list of what they put in them?

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8/30/2012 6:49 AM
That would be a good idea. I hadn't thought of that...

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8/30/2012 11:21 AM

Well, I guess no cardboard product is meant for consumption, be it cardboard boxes or toilet paper rolls, etc. Some of that stuff is made from recyclables too. So, I don't know... 

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, can't be careful enough with bunnies!

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8/30/2012 11:27 AM
My bunnies haven't really chewed the molds I bought so I am not too worried but I will definitely keep an eye on it. Probably going to buy the tunnel they have on here anyways.

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9/12/2012 8:35 AM

I'm pretty sure no cardboard is meant for consumption, which is why it's recommended if your rabbit actually eats vs shreds the cardboard to remove it.

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9/14/2012 7:38 AM
There are lots of things that we normally wouldn't think of as being meant for consumption that the bunnies can eat, like bark. So I wouldn't be too worried about the fact that they're recycled. What I'd be more concerned with regarding the cement tubes is that sometime they're thinly coated with wax. If they've got a wax coating on them then I'd be concerned with the bunnies chewing on them.
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9/14/2012 9:49 PM

Normally cardboard that does not have a wax coating, or is not covered with some ink based writing or coloring is generally safe and digestible.  Quoting Dana Krempels "As long as the paper and cardboard have no print containing heavy metals (as many colored inks do), there is no harm in your bunny eating it.  Paper is made of cellulose, which is digestible to rabbits." 


And of course, you don't want your bunny filling up on paper and forgoing his diet, that would be what you need to really watch out for more than anything. 

HOWEVER, you bring up something to think about regarding the cement tubes.  IF what he is saying is a bunch of junk is mixed in the recycled paper to make the tube, then that would be concerning!

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9/15/2012 5:39 AM
Hmm. I would really like to know the truth on whats in them... I am a very cautious bunny mama and don't give them anything that even "might" not be good!

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